“ABC’s of Jesus”

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Read your Bible, and read it well. Here is the story I am about to tell. Read St. Luke, St. Matthew if it is necessary my friend. Read the book through. Read St. John, the book of Psalms. Then read down the alphabet one by one.

A – Is the Almighty if that ain’t true
B – He once was a Baby like me and you
C – I’m talking about Christ, that son of God
D – He’s a mighty good Doctor on the land and water
E – He’s the Eternal light in through by Christ
F – Is the Fire that Elijah suppressed
G – Is for God, everybody knows
H – He’s a Healer to a dying soul
I – He’s Intelligent and mighty wise
J – He’s Jehovah, he cannot lie
K – Is the Kingdom he has prepared to stay
L – He’s a Lawyer that never lost a case
M – He’s the Manager of the whole wide world
N – He’s the Number that can be heard
O – The Only first and the only last
P – Prayer, and we need it bad
Q – He is Quicker than any explosion
R – The numbeR that was written, that no man knows
S – Sinner, the Son of Man
T – We Talk and understand
U – Useful, but it takes time
V – He’s stronger than the running Vine
W – Watchful and mighty wise
X – Is the cross on which he was crucified
Y – That is You, that is useful and is used
Z – Realize I am giving you trouble, but know that I am fixing to go. But just as my feet touch Zion, I won’t be troubling you no more.