“Beautiful Minds”

I was visiting Surrey Place and stopped to visit with Sciara Liscik, CNA Stakeholder, to see how the Beautiful Minds program was going. As we were talking about the program, she told me about a recent success with one of the residents. It would be a battle to get this resident to shower, and there were many different attempts over the past year to get her to take a bath without a battle. Last week, the CNA asked if she could ask the resident if she would be willing to take a shower. Sciara had discovered through the Beautiful Minds program that this resident responded better when a dry erase board was used, as the resident was hearing impaired. Sciara wrote on the dry erase board and posed the shower question to the resident, “Would you like to take a shower?” The resident answered, “Yes, but I don’t really need one.” Then said, “But what about her?” referring to her friend who is a resident that she goes everywhere with. Sciara wrote on the dry erase board, “She can stay with me.” The resident accepted that and went to take a shower.
After so many battles and struggles over a shower, Sciara discovered the key to communicating effectively with this resident. Great job, Sciara – you are making a difference!