“His Story, Looking Within.”

They say I was hit on the head by a fellow coworker while I was at work. I can’t recall the incident; I can only recall what I see now.
 A small room, another guy in the bed next to me, a television for him and I, nothing that belongs to me is here in my eyesight. I don’t see my car outside or my favorite chair I sat in to watch TV. I don’t see any of my family pictures. I don’t see my wife anymore and barely see my sister. It seems every time these women put me in the bed, they are using some type of lift device and always lowering me to the floor as if I would jump out the bed. I see a lot of unfamiliar faces around me; some are nice and give me food when I yell I am hungry. Others are always asking me why I yell out so much. I wish I knew the answer. When I am up, I am in this big blue recliner chair, unable to bend my legs and move my arms. I have this cushion thing around my knees where I can’t bend them! It hurts, too! I just wish I could understand where I am and what happened to me. Where are my wife and family? Maybe this is the reason I yell out!