“Nothing Is Like It Was”

Why is everything around me changing?
Voices, faces, sights and sounds. Nothing is like it was.
My surroundings aren’t the same.
This is not my home.
Where are my children?
I need my husband.
I need to take care of my family.
I have to leave.
I have to go home.
Why won’t you let me?
Don’t you understand my family is waiting for me? They need me.
Just let me go and everything will be alright.
You don’t let me go and I’m more confused and lost than ever. Instead, you pull me close and tell me everything is OK, you’re here with me. I don’t understand but, I stop, and for a moment I know things aren’t the same anymore. Things have changed and I need you to pull me closer still, and reassure me. Of what, I don’t know but, reassure me. Hold me close as I would my own child, until this feeling goes away.