“Residents can be prophets”

Residents can be prophets. Oh, yes they can.

Yesterday, a resident prophet blasted me and hit me right where I have been living.

He said to me out the blue and apropos to nothing:
“You need to get off your lazy “bottom” and do something with your life. You are letting your life go to waste. What are you, afraid? Are you lazy? What are you waiting for?”

I said, “Harvey, you are right. What should I be doing?”

He gave me two ideas that were spot on, and he capped it off by saying, “Don’t wind up a bag of bones!”

Little did Harvey know that lately I have been doing a brown study on my future. In addition, my wife talked to me about an article in National Geographic about fear of failure. Then this whippersnapper of a 64 year old, Dianna Nyad, swims the Shark Stream. I am drowning in God’s voice.

My wife and I agreed that Harvey, even though he is an atheist, is also a prophet of the God he has lost trust in. And I need to listen to him.